District Enforcement, private environmental crime specialists who operate nationwide, will from 1st July, 2020 be responsible for tackling unacceptable behaviour and keeping our area clean.

From 1st July, the company’s Environmental Enforcement Officers will be empowered to hand out fixed penalty notices carrying fines of up to £100 for littering or any dog-related offence.  Working under the direction of Fylde Council, these private Enforcement Officers will patrol local areas of land open to public access, including the town centres, green spaces and beaches.

Fixed penalty notices will be handed out by the authorised Environmental Enforcement Officers from District Enforcement to anyone they observe, or have evidence to support, has committed what they term an environmental crime that damages the environment, such as dropping litter or cigarette waste or failing to comply with a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog control. A £100 fine (with an early payment discount of £80) for littering and a £100 fine for any dog related offence will be dished out, the fine payable to District Enforcement within 14 days.

Court proceedings will be initiated should the offender choose not to pay the penalty notice, with the maximum fine for littering £2,500.


Under the arrangement, District Enforcement will collect and retain all revenue from any fixed penalty notices to support the operation, with Fylde Council stressing its objective is not to generate income but to challenge inappropriate behaviour by a minority of people and to promote a clean environment.

Colin Buchanan, head of operations at District Enforcement, welcomed the partnership saying, ‘District Enforcement is excited to be working in partnership with Fylde Council and play our part in keeping such a beautiful borough clean and tidy, with our sole ambition to reduce the amount of littering and dog fouling on the streets. We have a dedicated team of officers who will, on a daily basis, patrol the whole borough and take a fair and proportionate approach to the issuance of a fixed penalty notice for any environmental crime offences they witness.’

Roger Small, chairman of Fylde’s Operational Management Committee, said: ‘We have spent a lot of time looking at what our neighbouring authorities are doing to solve this in their areas and have concluded that as District Enforcement are operating locally, they should be tasked to operate here in Fylde. It is important for everyone to note that if you drop litter or do not clean up after your dog you will be risking a hefty fine. Please help us to make Fylde a clean environment for everyone.’



The firm is not without controversy, however, as this report from the Burnley Express shares: https://www.burnleyexpress.net/news/people/pendles-litter-police-partnership-be-terminated-new-year-1340870.


However, District Enforcement say on their web-site:

‘We pride ourselves on using state of the art technology, which consists of-

  • EDA (handheld)– Allows an Environmental Enforcement Officer to issue an on the spot Fixed Penalty Notice, it will also allow the Officer to ascertain ID Verification, an electronic notebook to aid the Officer should the matter be put before a Magistrate’s Court, along with an electronic witness statement along with a state of the art panic button.
  • Complete back office systemwhich allows users to –
    – View in real time the issuance of Fixed Penalty Notices
    – View any warnings or walk offs
    – View and export reports to assist in any FOI requests, such as male to female ratio, type of litter, patrolling hours by ward, payment summary, complaints management report etc
    – View and manage any complaints, this will also allow the user to generate responses direct to the complainant
    – Compile 1st and 2nd Reminder Letters
    – Compile prosecutions byway of Single Justice Procedure, this will also include various statements surrounding the offence
    – GPS Management which will allow the user to view live mapping, along with a “snail trail” of the Officer’s movements and GEO fence patrol tracking.’