Lytham St Annes resident and prolific thief, James Maughan, aged 42, has been jailed for four years by Judge Heather Lloyd at Preston Crown Court.  The Judge was told that on the late afternoon of 15th October, 2019 Maughan was captured on CCTV entering a family home on Old Lancaster Road, Catterall.  Maughan stole a large haul of jewellery, including a range of expensive rings, a Breitling watch, a Tiffany bracelet, a Toshiba laptop, a child’s Amazon Kindle, and a soft toy cow. In a statement, the homeowner, Adam Purnell, said Maughan had also ransacked and then stolen from the children’s bedroom a treasured teddy bear and hair bows, which would have been of no worth to him, but caused great upset.

In court, Maughan, who gave his address as Clifton Drive North, had three further house burglaries in Lytham taken into consideration, one in which a haul of £6,620 worth of jewellery was taken, and another where £1,100 of goods were stolen. He had also broken into a caravan and stolen goods to the value of £8,000.

Jailing him for four years, Judge Heather Lloyd, reminded Maughan of the three strike rule, which specifies burglars convicted of breaking into private homes three times must be sentenced to a minimum of three years.   Judge Heather Lloyd also ruled he had benefitted to the tune of £30,000 from his crimes. Maughan was ordered to pay back £3,500 which will be collected, under Proceeds of Crime legislation, by the authorised seizing and selling of his car.

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