Prolific Milkshake Thief Leaves Community Shaken

Shop owners and workers in Lytham should keep an eye out as it has been reported that a milkshake thief is on the loose.

The owner of the Premier shop on Saltcotes Road has reported his struggles with the prolific milkshake thief, who has struck on multiple occasions. The owner said: “She’s sneaky too, comes in when the shop is full, hoping we won’t notice.”

The owner added “We’ve rearranged the fridge as best we can, so we can see the stuff she’s taking from the till and are keeping a strict count. She’s crafty though, picks her moment well. I had a queue tonight but abandoned them to go tell her to leave! I’m sure she has her issues, and we’re not heartless, but there’s no need to steal”

Any loss of money during the recession brought on by the Coronavirus, has left many businesses in a bad way, the smallest of losses can be devastating.

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