Prominent Local Tories Celebrate Brexit Day Today – But Is Bregret Setting In?

Three years ago, at 11 p.m. on 31 January 2020, the UK left the EU – this is often referred to as Brexit Day   On this historic anniversary many prominent local Tories are celebrating the success by sharing on social media the above illustration, provided by the Conservatives ,

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton is one such local Tory who has commemorated the day by sharing the illustration on his Facebook page adding: ‘Thee years ago we left the EU and this government kept our promise to deliver democracy. Successes so far:

  • Our own Points Based Immigration System
  • Freedom to roll-out one of the world’s fastest vaccine programmes
  • 70+ Free Trade Agreements
  •  Regulatory freedoms worth over £100bn in the REUL Bill and Edinburgh Reforms
  •  Freeports to be set up around the UK

Agreeing with MP Benton Paul Blackstock said, ‘Well done Scott. Great stuff. The remainers lost the vote, they need to get over it…..its done!’

However, a recent poll published by the Statista Research Department shows Bregret is setting in. As of January 2023, 54 percent of people in Great Britain thought that it was wrong to leave the European Union, compared with 34 percent who thought it was the right decision.

In another Poll, 50% of constituents on the Fylde thought Brexit was a mistake (see below) compared with the national figure of 54%. In the referendum 57% of voters in the Fylde voted leave.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) have today said, ‘Higher interest rates and taxes along with government spending restraint will exacerbate a cost of living crisis.’ They also say Britain will the worst-performing major economy in the world over the next two years.’

The Office of Budget Responsibility’s current estimate is that Brexit has, so far, reduced UK GDP by about 1.5%, with a further reduction of 2.5% still to come.

However,today in the House of Commons, in response to gloomy IMF forecasts and economic warning MP Benton said, ‘Don’t believe the forecasts – the IMF have been wrong about UK growth for years. They’ve underpredicted UK growth since 2016. Clearly we face challenges, but it looks as though inflation has peaked.’

But, also today, former Tory donor, billionaire Guy Hands, a leading City figure, has called Brexit a ‘complete disaster’ and a ‘bunch of total lies; that has harmed large parts of the economy. He added in his Radio 4’Today’  interview that Boris Johnson ‘threw the country and the NHS under the bus’.

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