As face masks have become mandatory in shops across the UK today (24th July), face mask sellers will be cashing in. It has been reported that some sellers are creating face masks for children with different sizes for different ages.

Although it has been announced by the government that children under the age of 11 are an exception to the face mask rule, however some parents prefer to protect their children from the spread of the virus.

However, Public Health England, have taken to Facebook to warn the public that children under the age of three should not wear face coverings under any circumstances – as this can cause choking or suffocation in children who are too young to understand how to use a face mask correctly.

The guidelines to wear a mask have been ruled in order to protect others from unknown carriers of the virus. The government have asked anyone with the symptoms of COVID-19 to stay at home, call 111 or speak to a doctor. The masks are not able to fully protect from the virus, but do reduce the risk of catching it through particles in the air.