As we start to become accustomed to COVID-19 safety measures in our daily life, we are all wondering how long this it will be until we can return to ‘normal’, and to what lengths theses safety measures will go. One annoyance we are all familiar with, is the lack of public toilets available to us.

Although this has gotten on everyone’s nerves pretty much since March, it is a safety measure that seems rather necessary when controlling the spread of the virus in public places.

Park View in Lytham have taken to Facebook to request that the public understand that this is a measure they must follow, and that the public must stop verbally abusing their staff and volunteers.

Since the Government has requested that all cafe’s and restaurants perform track and trace on all their customers, and also introduce one way systems to improve social distancing within venues, The Quirky Tea Rooms at Park View have had to request that anyone who wishes to use the restrooms must follow the guidelines. This has become an annoyance to locals who are desperate for the toilet, and must go through a time consuming procedure just to relieve themselves.

However, rather than complying, many members of the public have been hurling insults at staff and refusing to follow the rules laid out by the Government.

Locals have taken to the comment section via Facebook to support the cafe. However, one local wished to spread awareness in light of his experience when attempting to use the toilets:

Tim L: “I visited the park yesterday. I suffer from IBS and I was literally touching cloth. I went to The Quirky Tearooms to use their toilets as they were the only toilets open, and they stopped me for track and trace and there was a queue. Unfortunately I couldn’t wait and ended up having an embarrassing accident. I had to hobble to Booths and wash and change myself in the disabled toilets. I also had to bin my underwear. The council really need to sort the public toilets out as a matter of urgency. Sorry for the graphic content but it’s essential people understand the difficulties others experience.”

In this instance it may have been possible for the staff to allow Tim through and fill out the track and trace after using the facilities, however, if everyone were to claim they suffer from IBS it would cause an issue for the venue. Should doctors provide ID’s that allow those that suffer from conditions that require urgent use of a public toilet to have priority over others?

Other locals comment:

Clare R: “Maybe Fylde Council could look at building some public toilets on Park View. Its a long way to the Green for a child, elderly, disabled or anyone with a weak bladder (almost everyone who has birthed a child.”

Jenny H: “The tracking systems are not working, so pointless collecting info. But no need to abuse staff.”