Queensway Roadworks Hit Major Snags – New Timetable For Works Shared

The ongoing roadworks which have caused delays on and around Queensway will be suspended for the Easter and May Day Bank Holiday weekends.  The works will then recommence and are expected to be completed by the end of May. Blackpool Council are pressing for two-way traffic lights to remain, rather than three-way, which will ease traffic flow, plus weekend working to speed completion.

These roadworks on Queensway, which aim to create a new access road to the sports facilities, have hit snags with the discovery of a collapsed drain at Division Lane.  This is after delays caused by dealing with uncovering asbestos in the water main and extra electric cables that were not identified prior to the dig.  Midgeland Road has re-opened to allow access for those who live on Division Lane now that this junction with Queensway is blocked off.

Because of these snags, Blackpool Council have missed their target to have this work completed before the Blackpool Cup, a youth football tournament which will bring 350 teams and around 10,000 attendees, to the new site. Blackpool is preparing to welcome 350 youth football teams and over 10,000 attendees during Easter and May Day Bank Holiday weekends as they return for Blackpool Cup tournaments.

Blackpool Council and VisitBlackpool will host these events in partnership with Euro-Sportring, Europe’s largest international youth football tournament organiser. The tournaments bring a major boost to the local economy as well as showcasing Blackpool’s credentials as a family-friendly resort, capable of hosting major international sporting events.

Teams are travelling from seven countries across Europe, including Netherlands, Poland, Ireland and the four home nations together with more than 70 local teams in which is sure to be an exciting festival of football and fun.

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  1. Well, the delay means that we will be able to show our ‘world class roadworks’ off to the full when the youth football stuff starts…………if they can get through the traffic chaos.

    About the only thing that Fylde and LCC do well is to create constant traffic chaos, with very little improvements noticeable afterwards.

  2. Once again the donkeys at Blackpool Council have proved they a unable to fulfill their promises. YOU of course don’t matter! Where are you from…. We don’t care just get your money spent whilst your stuck having a terrible time here and then Go.

  3. While they’re at it, will they be putting a crossing if some description there? We could do with one. It’s dangerous tring to cross by the garden center to the bus stop.

  4. I saw a rare specimen whilst out driving in St Annes the other day. Was it a Kestrel, a goshawk or perhaps a red squirrel??? NO it was cyclist actually using the 1 million pound plus new cycle path between Squires gate and St Annes that caused traffic misery to thousands of locals for months and for what, an extra few feet of cycle path to add to the ones already there that barely anybody ever used either!!! Clearly we needed the new path far more than spending the money repairing the hundreds of potholes around the fylde or putting it towards the desperate upgrading of St Annes square which was turned into a ghost town when the beautiful Victorian greens were dug up and replaced by concrete paving, palm trees, car parking and domed seating areas that look like they belong in a theme park! This latest road debacle again causing significant daily traffic misery to the local residents for again months is just one more example of why the old cronies at the local authority need to be put out into the long grass and stay well away from the decision making that is required in this area.

  5. The main problem with the current traffic chaos on Queensway can be attributed to poor synchronisation of the temporary traffic lights with the existing lights. To me it is glaringly obvious & I am amazed that the Council have not rectified the problem in the past 3 months. On Friday 12th May I was stuck in the queue on School Rd for 34 minutes just waiting to turn left onto Queensway. I then had to wait for 2 more changes of the temporary lights before I was finally out of the chaos.

    Drivers travelling from Squires Gate side block the road because they are already queuing as they cross over. As a result – drivers in School Rd cannot turn left & often sit through several changes of lights without moving.

  6. Its cost me my last remaining business, This has levelled me down , can’t even get to the kids on time at school , now walking them 2 miles in each direction through the smoggy air from standing traffic, if I wasn’t self employed I would be unemployable , Why is it in 3rd world countries they can have entire 100 mile stretches of motorway built in 1 month including signage yet in this Great nation of ours we can’t even get a small section of road finished in 3 months the world laughs at us British nowadays … and the asbestos in the water main isn’t very good is it , 100% that will cause serious problems to local residents and the school down the road , Read up on asbestos poisoning if you want nightmares. Its all run by monkeys at bottom dollar.

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