Raging resident goes on rant about local bakery’s disregard for covid safety measurements

A local has expressed his dissatisfaction with the service at a local bakery in the FY8 area. The irate resident took to a local Facebook group to shame the unnamed bakery, stating that they were “still handling cash with gloved on” and did not “attempt to gel or change gloves” when handling the baked goods.

The local man named Jay Simms stated that this was the second time he has seen the bakery not follow covid health and safety measurements that are now mandatory. The bakery, open as an essential shop selling bread and sandwiches etc., must follow the regulations set out by the government and enforced by Fylde Council.

He wrote:

“We are in a lock-down situation and I’m stood in a bakery in fy8 waiting to be served , bakery staff are still handling change with gloves on and with no attempt to gel or change gloves handling cakes and sandwiches etc.
Are they just lazy, or don’t they understand transmission . I refrained from naming the bakery but this is the second time I’ve seen it at the same place . You need to switch on and up your hygiene skills!”

In response to the raging rant, many locals disagreed, suggesting that he should not have returned to the bakery if he was so displeased.

One Lytham local wrote: “So you have been twice and don’t like there policy and decided to put out there to the public to criticise. Nearly as bad as the eat out scheme when people where on here having ago that they went to the same establishment 3 times and wasn’t happy with there policy. If you wasn’t happy the first time don’t go back or say something to them personally”

Another local who is a local sandwich shop owner commented in agreement: “Have to say I run a sandwich shop and pre covid we sanitised hands prior to making every sandwich, we now sterilise all cash in a water bath with sterilising fluid, we don’t handle it at all, customer drops it in we leave it at least 15 mins and then it’s dried to go in till so all cash in and out is clean, money is dirty and the new notes stick together so you often see people licking their fingers when they open their purse or wallet to ensure the only grab one note  🤔

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