Rehabilitated Jesse The Swan Killed By Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Jesse, the beautiful swan rehabilitated by Brambles Wildlife Rescue last month from a suspected dog attack on Stanley Park, has been killed by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier at the same location. The 11-year-old swan was attacked by the dog which was reportedly off its lead in the park around 12.30 p.m. yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 5th July). The incident has been witnessed and is believed to be on CCTV, the police have been informed.

A spokesperson for Brambles said, ‘The only thing we can do now for Jesse is not let her horrific death be in vain. Please add your view to the consultation now with regards to dogs off leads in specific areas of Stanley Park, park rangers or ideas for enforcement or a complete dog on lead requirement – whatever your view, please take the time to voice it.’ The link to the consultation is:

Jackie Thomas wrote this in memory of Jesse:

‘I just want to say rest in peace to Jesse the Swan I’ve just now heard she was attacked by a dog this lunchtime and didn’t survive her injuries.
My heart is broken to pieces as I’m sure many other people who love swans are to. I just can’t believe this happened.
I saw her just yesterday and sat down with her for about 20 minutes feeding her, and I never knew that would be the last time I’ll ever see her again.
Rest in peace Jesse the Swan 🦢😞
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