It has been reported that an illegal rave is set to take place this evening on the Fylde Coast.

Fylde Police have announced that they will be patrolling areas across the coast with the intention of preventing the rave to go ahead. Unsure of the exact location, there will be increased police presence in key locations across the county, turning away anyone attempting to travel to the event (on foot or in vehicle).

Reports of similar events across the country have proved to be unregulated and unsafe, with no security or necessary facilities you would expect at a legal event. Health and safety risks are high for anyone involved.

We are amidst a pandemic, with social distancing rules set by the government still in place – no more than six people may gather outside of their homes. Large illegal gatherings are an enormous risk especially during a global crisis with an infectious (and sometimes fatal) disease on the loose.

The police are urging all parents and guardians to warn their children about how dangerous these illegal gatherings are, and how much trouble they could get themselves into if attending. Recent similar events that have happened across the county have resulted in serious physical and sexual assaults, which may have a long-lasting effect on the victim’s mental and physical health.

If you know anyone who may be attending this event please urge them that the consequences of their actions could be more than damaging and completely not worth the risk.

If you have any information about the event or see anything including suspicious/anti-social behaviour please call the police on 101.