Repulsive Builders Leave Bucket of Excrement in Lytham Alleyway

A resident of Westby Street has contacted Lytham St Annes News to express his disgust after a bucket containing human excrement was left in the alley way of his property.  He told Lytham St Annes News “my neighbour has been getting extensive building works done and it’s obvious due to the Covid-19 situation they haven’t let them in the property to use the bathroom. As much as I sympathise with them, leaving a bucket like this outside the back entrance to my home is totally wrong.  I take my four year old son and dog out via the back gate and my son thought it was some kind of serpent in the bucket, I had to drag him away hastily.  I felt physically sick.”

He added “I hope my neighbours read this article and rethink allowing the workmen to use their bathroom facilities.”


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