Reselected Fylde Tory MP Menzies Gives Speech About His Achievements

Mark Menzies MP has been readopted as the Fylde Conservative candidate for the next general election.

At a special executive meeting of Fylde Conservative Association, Mark gave a speech about his achievements and future plans for Fylde.

The featured photograph shows Mark Menzies MP with members of the Fylde Conservative Association.

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  1. Not sure he will discuss all his achievements 🤔 such as rent boys etc. Can’t believe he has been reselected 🫣

  2. Smoke and Mirrors….
    That’s how all Conservatives stay in power.
    What I can’t believe is that this bunch of over payed, self-serving, country-wrecking opportunists are still in power.
    None of them will ever understand what it’s like to be an ordinary person trying to struggle by in this world, and yet they keep telling us all how sympathetic they are to our needs.
    They totally believe all the lies they continually regurgitate.
    More fool us for not voting them out.
    We NEED change.
    Or this country is doomed.

  3. I would have been interested to hear of Mr Menzies achievements. I don’t know of any.

  4. He would turn up at the opening of an envelope if it meant a photo opportunity.

  5. Menzies is an utterly contemptible self serving twat.
    A truly awful representative of local interests.
    Look at that picture, what a collection of senile old duffers.
    Get rid of the lot of those greedy out of touch fossils.

  6. Bronstein is absolutely right.
    Nothing works in this country any longer, you can’t buy a cucumber in booths, you can’t get a GP appointment and you can’t afford to heat your home any longer.
    Lying Tories told us Brexit was the answer, what a lot of garbage that was.
    Menzies is not the answer.

  7. Funny isn’t it how hate and intolerance nearly always comes from those left of centre…? It is the bilious views of those like Bronstein that are truly contemptible.

  8. Tories hate the poor. They are lower than vermin and rightly deserve our contempt for the damage they have caused to our society.
    Smug, elderly and out of touch, deluded and greedy. These are the Tories.

  9. I would appreciate it if somebody could list all of the good things Mr Menzies has done for the people of Fylde.
    He must have done something surely.

  10. I’m guessing Mr Anonymous thought Brexit was actually a good idea and that the Tories were actually not lying through their teeth (as usual), by giving us false information on what effect Brexit would have on our country and offering nothing but a catchy slogan to lure in the gullible.
    “Take back control” indeed.
    I don’t think so.
    All forms of energy, food, fuel, health care, etc… you name it – is all costing us more than we ever could imagine!

    Totally losing control is more like it!

    And as for intolerance… its the Tories who have cornered the market there.
    Any criticism made on every Tory politician will trigger the same intolerant response with the words:
    “I just don’t accept that”.
    Followed by the same old party slogans and lies.
    They have nothing but their own interests in mind.

    And as for Mr ‘photo opportunity’ Menzies.
    Just another typical conservative, Insincere..full of hot air and posturing…nothing good achieved for our constituency or our country.
    Nuff said…

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