Respect for Lytham Fire fighters doing a charity walk!!

Earlier this year, Lytham Fire Crew did a huge charity walk in aid of the Firefighters tragically lost during the Australian Bush Fire Crisis.

From thier official facebook page, they are remembering all the great stuff that they have done this year, as well as being life saving heroes every day ❤️

🎄 DAY EIGHT. You may remember Lytham Fire Station from the charity walk they did back in January (yes January…this same year…when we were allowed to do charity events and walk in groups, madness!). They walked from Lytham to Bispham to raise money for the Australian firefighters who had died in the bush fires. And that’s not it, one member of their team went straight from the walk to donate bone marrow for someone he didn’t even know! Apart from that this bunch of lovelies work for NWAS, an estate agent and a few even work for LFRS on their days off. Dedicated!

📷All pictures throughout our on-call feature were taken in pre-coronavirus times (remember them!) or undertaking social distancing measures so you can see the spirit of our on-call stations.

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