Roadworks make social distancing impossible for Blackpool town centre resident

Roadworks are making lockdown a living hell for one Blackpool resident. Carol Davidson, who has claustrophobia, has been left with an enclosed walkway measuring just 3.6ft (1.09m) outside her flat. The government advice is to keep a 2m/6ft distance from other people to avoid catching COVID 19, meaning that residents of Topping Street are unable to walk safely outside their homes.

Ms Davidson, who runs the charity Blackpool Street Dogs, has no garden so has to take her assistance dog out for daily walks. “I dread trying to pass the numerous people who walk along there each day. A lot of people walk up and down this path and it’s intimidating. I tell workmen I am frightened to take my little dog out as it’s so narrow and they laugh.”

Having lived at her home on Topping Street for 7 years, Carol feels her issues have been ignored for long enough, enduring noise and disruption since the roadworks began in February. “The workmen don’t care about local residents and business, they just have an attitude of ‘we need to earn our money so we’re gonna carry on’. There’s no element of co-operation.” The charity volunteer currently sleeps in the kitchen to avoid the noise and says the ongoing situation is affecting her quality of life.

The life-long Blackpool resident expresses her gratitude to two local builders Andy Warner and Tony Duncan, who came to the rescue when Carol tripped on the gravel and broke the trolley she needs to walk her dog. “Andy Warner read about my difficulties and he kindly paid for a replacement trolley. We’ve got good local builders who are sympathetic and care about local business and residents. The council should be giving the jobs to them.”

Lucinda Herbert