Ruthless Riddance of Rubbish: Fly Tipper dumps house clearance load on country lane

Dismayed walker Mick Parkinson from Hambleton today posted on his social media group today in absolute disgust a photograph of what looked like an entire house clearance on a country path.  The mountain of rubble was shared by over 111 people.

In what can be only described as an act of evil Mick stated “Utter disgust is all I can say on the matter when faced with this on our early morning walk along Wardleys Lane this morning”.

Many people commented that the fly tipper will have driven some distance to dump the load, meaning the culprit could be a person from Lytham St Annes which is less than a 30 minutes drive away.

• is a criminal activity that can cause serious
pollution of the environment, can be a risk to
human health and can harm wildlife and
farm animals;
• spoils our local neighbourhoods and quality
of life;
• costs an estimated £100m in total to clean up;
• costs local authorities alone £44m each year
to clear up;
• is seen as a major problem by over
three-quarters of landowners1; and affects
67% of farmers;
• undermines legitimate waste management
companies who are undercut by
illegal operators.

Wyre Council will now be responsible now for clearing this mountain of rubble.


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