The future of the Victorian Lytham Institute, prominently located on the corner of Clifton Street and Bannister Street, will be discussed by Fylde Council this coming Monday, 9th March.

Fylde Council currently owns the wonderful gothic-style redbrick building and Monday’s meeting will consider how best to make future use of the historic premises.

Until 2016, Lancashire County Council (LCC) used over half of the building for the library service and registration office. The rest of it was community facilities and meeting rooms, run by Fylde Council. In the Autumn of 2016, Lancashire County Council carried out a spending review following cuts as a consequence of the Government’s austerity policy. A number of libraries across Lancashire were scheduled for closure. Despite many local public protests, Lytham Library, housed at the Institute, was one of them.

Monday’s important special agenda item states, ‘The committee considered a report about Lytham Institute on 22 July 2019. That report summarised the history of the building, including its uncertain present position following the anticipated relinquishment by Lancashire County Council of its user rights following its decision to cease the operation of a library service from the Institute.

The report also discussed advice from counsel about the possibility that the Institute was held by Fylde Council under charitable trusts. After considering the report and counsel’s advice, the committee decided to register the Institute as a charitable trust, seek advice and discussion with the Charity Commission and open discussions with community groups and interested stakeholders. This report updates members on the present position and seeks some further direction on which to engage with the Commission.’

Planned public consultation will be carried out to help inform a way forward.

How do you think this significant building, an important part of Lytham’s heritage, should be used?

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