Lancashire Police issue warning of FRAUD☹️

Scam alert from the Police

In the last 24 hours, Lancashire Police have received 3 reports of Courier Fraud in the County. The reports have all come from the West of the County, specifically Thornton Cleveleys and Fleetwood.

Suspects are phoning victims impersonating Police Officers, stating a fraud is being investigated and the victim is required to withdraw large amounts of money, usually around £6000, so that numbers on the bank of the notes can be checked in line with the apparent investigation.

The victim’s have withdrawn funds from their accounts, returned home and spoken to the suspects again. The numbers on the back of the notes are read out and the victims are then told the bank notes are part of their investigation and will need to be collected.

In the next hour, a courier attends the address. The money is handed over for “inspection” and is taken away. Suspects are using taxi firms to assist them in driving them to the addresses and are also dressing as well-known couriers such as DPD.

The bank, the police or any other organisation for that matter WILL NEVER phone you and ask you to withdraw funds for inspection, or ever ask you to transfer funds to a safe account. They will NEVER send someone to collect cash, pins, cards or cheque books either.

Please be aware of this highly sophisticated and devastating scam. Scammers target elderly and vulnerable people so please make your loved one’s aware.

If you do receive a call, immediately report the matter to the police as soon as possible

Kindly shared by Lancashire Trading Standards Scambuster Stan.

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