Scorching weather sees Lytham swamped with ‘joyful’ visitors

Scorching weather sees Lytham swamped with ‘joyful’ visitors

The areas around Lowther Gardens and Park 4View  have been turned into a makeshift car park as thousands of people rushed to the resort today.

The blossoming parks and Lytham Green were packed out as temperatures reached a toasty 19°c and the promise of meeting old friends through eased lockdown rules was too tempting to turn down.

Hundreds of cars were forced to park up along the front as families dashed to the parks and Lytham Green.

One resident commented “This happens every single sunny day but this time I find myself far from annoyed.

“It’s delightful to see so many people able to get out and about and enjoy our gorgeous amenities .

“The park is rammed and all you can hear is birdsong and children playing. It’s fantastic.”

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