Scott Benton: MPs are avoiding declaring Corporate Hospitality by accepting falsely low value sports tickets

MPs are avoiding declaring corporate hospitality by accepting sports and cultural event tickets which have a falsely low value according to Blackpool South MP Scott Benton.

In a new video released by The Times, the Blackpool South MP said that he has been to the races many times and amazingly ‘the ticket comes to £295’, therefore evading the requirement to officially declare these corporate gifts as the total is under the £300 limit.

This newest update comes almost a day after The Times broke the news that MP Scott Benton would be willing to break parliamentary lobbying rules. The MP has since had the Conservative Party whip suspended following his self-referral to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standard.

When asked by the Times about his comments on this latest revelation about corporate hospitality declarations, Scott Benton did not respond.

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  1. Benton – a nasty man and a loose canon despised and disowned by his own party. Do the honourable thing Scott and step down now. Go and have another Coke.

  2. This self-serving liar of a so-called politician really needs to step down.
    Nothing useful to the community or the country ever passes his lips.
    Saying that, it’s the norm for almost every member of the Conservative Party.
    Time they stepped down too, before our country is ruined forever!

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