Scott Benton Says ‘Complaints About A Seat Belt Are Not A Good Use Of Frontline Resources’

MP Scott Benton has faced a back-lash of criticism today (Friday 20th January) having said that the investigation into the PM not wearing a seat belt whilst motoring through Blackpool is not a good use of Police resources – and is politically motivated.

The Blackpool South MP said, ‘I’m sure their time is better spent investigating serious crime which impacts on my constituents. The vast majority of people would think that politically motivated complaints about a seat belt are not good use of frontline resources.’

However, in response to his statement it has been pointed out that back in 2022. MP Benton demanded that the Police, having cleared Keir Starmer of any wrong doing, should immediately re-investigate the Labour leader enjoying a lockdown beer. At that time the Blackpool South MP said  ‘ All people, and politicians, should be treated equally under the law. There is a very compelling argument to suggest that this hasn’t been the case and Keir’s beers should be re-investigated.’ (see below)

Other responses to MP Benton include: ‘Why should he be exempt from the law, Scott? If I didn’t wear a seatbelt and was daft enough to post a video of myself not wearing one. I would expect to face consequences. If you want police to investigate more crime, how about giving them adequate resources to do so instead.’

And another said ‘Whether you think it is a waste of resource is irrelevant. You are an MP of the governing party. This is UK law. It beggars believe that you would event tweet this. Everyone should be held to the same standards otherwise we will end up with people picking and choosing.’

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