Scott Benton Urges Priti Patel To Stand As Next PM – Whilst Mark Menzies Welcomes Change

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has urged Home Secretary Priti Patel to stand as the next Leader of the Conservative Party, and consequently take the position as the UK’s Prime Minister. Scott today (Sunday 10th July) Tweeted : ‘Our next PM must listen to, and respond to, the needs of Blackpool South. From my experience Priti Patel is by far the best person to do that. From ending free movement to putting more police on the streets, she understands people’s concerns. That’s why I am urging her to stand.’

Meanwhile Fylde MP Mark Menzies issued a statement following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Thursday 7th July saying that it was time for new leadership and that he welcomed the charge:  ‘This morning’s announcement that the Prime Minister intends to resign will hopefully bring much needed stability after what has been a very turbulent time. What is important now, for the country and for the people of Fylde, is a smooth transition. We need to ensure the wheels of Government continue to turn while a new leader is chosen. The Prime Minister was elected at a time when Parliament was gridlocked and unable to resolve the issue of the day, Brexit. He delivered where others could not. But we are now in a very different world with new priorities and fresh challenges. It is time for new leadership and new ideas and I welcome the change which begins today.’


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  1. I wish IDS (Iain Duncan Smith) would restand for PM, he doesn’t shy away from the truth and continually woffle like the majority of MPs and he certainly didn’t get a fair chance the last time…..thanks to the puppeteers behind the scenes.

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