Ofqual have today announced that GCSE results in England will be based on Teachers’ Assessments – unless the Algorithm is higher.

According to Sunday’s edition of the Observer more than 4.6million GCSEs in England – about 97 per cent – were to be assigned grades solely based on the controversial algorithm drawn up by Ofqual.

The Algorithm has now been irrefutably proven to favour schools with smaller cohorts, noticeably private fee paying schools, and has severely disadvantaged those already brutally disadvantaged in crowded comprehensives.  North West State Comprehensives have faced the worse in the bias built into the Algorithm.

Whilst the Government blame Ofqual for the mess, Ofqual blame the Government. Ofqual’s Professor Tina Isaacs told BBC Breakfast this morning, ‘Ofqual’s role is to carry out Government policy. And when policy shifts every 12 to 24 hours, Ofqual then has to deal with it as best as it can.’

Boris Johnson has been noticeably absent over the weekend as he holidays in Scotland.  It has been rumoured by some, however, that he was holding virtual conversations with Dominic Cummings centred on trying to find a suitable response.

However, in using teacher assessments for GCSE’s Ofqual state that the predicted grades would be around nine per cent higher than the year before. This year’s ‘A’ level results will now be 14 per cent better than in 2019.