Seasonal Seagull Scarers Sought By Blackpool Zoo – Costume Provided!

Do you (or any of your friends) fantasise as dressing up as a large bird and then spending working days scaring and startling savaging seagulls? Then a seasonal job currently advertised by Blackpool Zoo provides an ideal opportunity to achieve your dream occupation.. The popular local Zoo is seeking outgoing, energetic  people to proudly wear large bird costumes and then frighten and alarm nuisance seagulls.

This unusual occupation is currently being advertised in a bid to stop the birds from stealing food from both visitors and animal enclosures, and so ensure a good experience for those visiting the zoo.

The advert, which is for variable seasonable hours, says candidates must be ‘outgoing – as you need to be comfortable wearing a bird costume!’. Successful applicants will join the Visitor Services team as ‘Seagull Deterrents’.

The full job advert reads: ‘At Blackpool Zoo it goes without saying that we love all animals! And as a seaside resort, Blackpool is not short of seagulls.

‘However, the seagulls are proving to be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to trying to steal food from our visitors and our animal enclosures!

‘We need to do what we can to keep the seagulls away from our main visitor dining areas, which is why we are looking for a team of people to join our Visitor Services team as “Seagull Deterrents”.’

The zoo is looking for people who are visitor focused, friendly, energetic and flexible.

To apply go to:;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiU7-a67L_-AhXah1wKHf_hA4UQkd0GegQIERAB#fpstate=tldetail&sxsrf=APwXEdd_NwOjM14VtIL4LvmriWtpFNYIAw:1682247545117&htivrt=jobs&htidocid=GFbuXoGHtq4AAAAAAAAAAA%3D%3D

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