Section 40 In Place In Blackpool After Incidents Of People Using Weapons.

Lancashire Police have today  (Thursday 10th August) received several reports of incidents in the Claremont area of Blackpool where a small group of people have used weapons.

Police take these reports seriously and in order to investigate these incidents and to keep the public safe, a search authority under Section 60 and Section 60AA of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, has been put in place.

It was authorised to start at 4pm and will remain in place until midnight (0000hrs).

The Section 60 order authorises officers in uniform to stop and search pedestrians and vehicles in the area shown on the map for offensive weapons and dangerous instruments.

Section 60AA further allows officers to remove and seize, if necessary, any face coverings they believe are being used for the purpose of disguising identity.

The area this applies to is bordered by Warbeck Hill Road, the Promenade, Talbot Road and Devonshire Road.

Lancashire Police say they will not tolerate violent behaviour and will deal with offenders appropriately.

Supt Chris Hardy of Lancashire Police’s West division has authorised the Section 60 and 60AA stop and search powers.

A map of the area covered by the Section 40 is shown below.

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