Serious Incident at Lytham Hall

Well-loved local landmark Lytham Hall have posted on their social media an alarming message in regards to an incident that has just occured:-

“Two teenage lads have just committed an incident of sheer vandalism all down the main drive. They were discovered by a member of staff who managed to close the large electric front gates to stop their escape. They were then trapped and decided to repeatedly punch the member of staff in the head causing a bust nose and a bleeding head. When on the floor they kicked the member of staff repeatedly in the side and everywhere they could.


The lads were dressed in black with hooded bubble jackets and shorts. One shouted to the other one the name of Carl.

Someone surely knows who they are?


The police have been informed and the member of staff just about managed to take a photo. CCTV footage is now being viewed to see if any decent images can be found. Any images will be forwarded to the police.


Lytham is a small place it will not be long before these lads are identified.


The complete and utter disregard for all the hard work that is put in each day by the army of dedicated volunteers is nothing short of disgraceful.

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  1. Absolutely disgusting behaviour but sadly it’s becoming more and more common these days. Hopefully the police will catch them and arrest them asap. They need to be locked away for the maximum amount of time possible.

  2. Hope the staff member involved get’s well soon, it must have been awful for him. Hopefully the lads involved get what’s coming to them, absolutely disgusting

  3. These disgusting specimens have sullied the tranquil beautiful space…and seriously injured a staff member ….you will find them on social media bragging about their adventure…I have no words….

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