Should Lytham Green Have Segregated Paths for Walking and Cycling after Near Collision with 3 Year Old Infant?

Calls for a cycle lane have been renewed after a near-fatal incident yesterday.

A Lytham cyclist ‘flew out’ in front of a grandmother and granddaughter on the pavement from Fairlawn Road into Clifton Drive. This cyclist then proceeds to ‘all but crash’ into a little girl (estimated to be around three years old), who was with her family.

The cyclist continued their journey on the lethal footpath; ignoring the near-fatal incident left behind.

The pedestrian vs cyclist war continues with Lytham residents asking for a dedicated cycle path to keep the maniacal cyclists away from pedestrians.

Cllr Tim Armit commented: ‘Sooner we have properly segregated cycle lanes as been pushing for 4 years now the safer for everyone and completely in line with Boris’s aim to fight obesity and help climate change challenges too. Let’s hope the council can help then everyone is safer and everyone wins.’

It is currently illegal under Rule 64 of the Highway Code to ride on the pavement, however, this hasn’t stopped many people from cycling on Lytham Green’s pavements.


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