Significant Reports Of Anti-Social Behaviour & Crime In & Around Kirkham Town Centre

A dispersal order haa been in place today (Friday 1st September) following a significant number of reports of Crime and Anti-social behaviour in and around Kirkham Town Centre.

The boundary for the Section 34 Dispersal Order is defined as Kirkham Train station, South down Station Road onto Mellor Road onto Poulton Street, Poulton Street West to Carr Lane, Carr Lane North to the Railway Line, Railway Line to Kirkham Station as per the map This dispersal order was authorised today from 17:40 until 21:00.

This allows a constable in uniform to direct any person who is in a public place in that locality –

(a) to leave the locality (or part of the locality), and

(b) not to return to the locality (or part of the locality) for the period specified.

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