Snaking Queues and Huge Crowds Gives Lytham Mother an Emotional Breakdown

Westby Street resident Anita Davies has been in touch with Lytham St Annes News over her “broken heart” at seeing the large queues snaking for refreshments yesterday at Fairhaven Lake.

“My hands were literally shaking when I took the photograph” she told Lytham St Annes News.  “I believe if people don’t follow the rules then we will be in a permanent lockdown – the amount of people out and about was in the tens of thousands.  I think we will see a huge spike in cases in the area.  I was so upset at seeing all these people out and the car parks full I broke down into tears and walked home sobbing”.   She finally added “people give me anxiety now – there is just no control”.

Despite there being a large volume of people over the warm weekend being in the area, no arrests were made locally.



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