Spate of burglaries in St Anne’s causes concern 👇

From Lancashire Constabulary –

Burglary on The Rise

Good Morning Fylde

We are having a spate of burglaries in and around the St Anne’s area especially around Fairhaven and Ashton Wards.  Just last night, a house was broken into via the window and all jewellery and cash were taken from them.  This person will probably never see their treasured possessions again and be left scarred for life and too frightened to be in the house alone.

Please try and make sure you:

-Lock all your windows and doors before you go to bed. Plus check your car and garage/shed is locked as well.
-Leave any remote-control starting car keys away from your front door.
-Turn on any security alarms/lighting or CCTV.
-Do not leave cash and jewellery lying around.  Chances are, this is what they will be mostly looking for.

And remember:
If you see anything suspicious late at night like people in your garden or looking through your window or trying car doors, call us on 999 immediately.

We are and will continue to do our very best to try and catch these people committing these awful crimes.

Message Sent By
Damian Rowe (Police, PCSO, St Annes NPT)

Some sensible advice here, protect your homes and belongings or call in anything suspicious.

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