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Spice drug problem in Ansdell spiralling out of control – Drugged up local caught on video

A local office worker looked up from his desk today to see an unfortunate continuous occurrence in Ansdell today as “The Old Spice Man” staggered down the high street in broad daylight.

A local who is regularly out and about in a state worse-for-wear, worried locals today as he stumbled across the road whilst intoxicated on the illegal drug known as spice.

Spice is a nickname for a substance containing one or more synthetic cannabinoids, a man-made drug designed to mimic the effects of THC, which is an active ingredient in cannabis.

The illegal drug is becoming a serious problem in the local area, with the drug becoming regularly available by drug dealers across the Fylde Coast.

A local office worker was alarmed as he spotted the inebriated man from the window, who attempted to cross the road.

Upon trying to steady himself with the wall on the corner of Windsor Rd, the man falters before falling backwards, over the wall into a garden.

‘The Spice Man’ spends several minutes wondering how to get out and over the fence, struggling to stand straight.

After several minutes attempting to ‘escape’, the intoxicated individual makes his way out and over the fence, and flounders uphill.

WARNING: the video contains footage that may be triggering to those (especially younger people) tempted to try this harmful substance.


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