St. Anne’s – St. George’s Road – Registered Rapist On Loose

Fylde Police are asking for your help to find 57-year-old James Atkinson who is from St Anne’s.

Atkinson is a high-risk registered sex offender who failed to turn up at a sentence hearing at York Crown Court last week – the court has issued a warrant for his arrest.

Atkinson, of St George’s Road, St Anne’s, has been convicted of rape, indecent assault and sexual assault. He’s 5ft 8, of heavy build and is balding. Atkinson has links to Blackpool and Yorkshire.

Any sightings of him or information as to where he might be, contact 101 or email

Meanwhile, local residents are extremely unhappy. Samantha Virco said, ‘Convicted of those offences and then allowed to go back and live next to a park in the middle of the square.’

Margaret Hornby agreed, ‘Wish someone would explain to me and every other woman out there Why this convicted offender was not already locked up!! Tell it to the people who put up a Request to fill in their survey on how to make women feel safe! especially after the last few months of offenders being employed by the MET!’

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