St. Anne’s Café Goes Viral On Social Media

The Muslim community has joined together to rally around a local St. Anne’s café, ChitChat, on Wood Street after it was alleged that when customers go through the door they simply walk back out after seeing the owner wearing her hijabs.

The original Facebook post from Shirin Yunus Musa read, ‘Anyone visiting Lytham St. Anne’s plz visit this little cafe. Owned by a lovely Bengali family. Recently opened but not doing so well as much of the custom she gets through the door see her hijab and walk back out. Also can’t put halal on her sign for the same reason but food is all halal. And they sell the delicious Wallings Ice Cream. They are on Instagram and Facebook so feel free to check them out.’

The post has gone viral on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – and has enjoyed a wealth of support from not only the Muslim community but also many Fylde residents.

Comments include:

  • ‘This a fantastic cafe run by terrific people. Who cares what they are wearing. In Lancashire they wear headscarves over curlers. These ladies don’t but they cook beautifully.’
  • ‘I think it’s great to have so many different eateries & shows St. Anne’s diversity.’

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