St. Anne’s Footpath Cyclists Bring Increase In Complaints To Fylde Police

Fylde Police have been receiving an increase in complaints from residents who are deeply concerned about cycling on the footpath in and around the St Anne’s area including the town centre and all the way up to Heyhouses Lane. Police are concerned that someone is going to get seriously hurt as a result of this happening.

Officer Damien Rowe (pictured below) says: ‘Please can we remind you that, if you choose to cycle on a footpath and not on the road, then you are in fact committing an offence (aside from shared footpaths, Clifton Drive North etc) which will be dealt with via a fixed penalty notice. If you don’t want to cycle on the road, then I suggest you find another method of transport.’

He adds, ‘Lastly, do you want to know about things going on in your area like crime trends or bike coding events, if so, then send me an email to and I will send you a quick survey about your area and then add you to my mailing list for our IN THE KNOW service.’


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  1. Hope ironic showing a verge trashed with motor vehicles parked up because of the double yellow lines. However Police need to up their game on prosecution of breaches of Highway use, both pavement cyclists and illegal Escooter use. Some 40+ bloke on a blinged Eboard, controlled via wireless hand held unit, with twin motors down the middle of Lytham’s Clifton Street the other day, with a PCSO calmly watching.

  2. Its not only on the pavement that they are a nuisance.
    Its about time ALL users of the road were treated equally.
    Cyclists, E-boards, or whatever – if you use the highway you should be charged for that privilege the same as a car.
    You should have a proper test to pass, be licensed, have a registration, pay insurance, prove your roadworthiness etc etc.
    Everything on a highway/road is a potential dangerous vehicle.
    Its unfair that a cyclist can just get a bike and ride on a road (or indeed the pavement).

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