St.Anne’s GP Says ‘If You Cannot Stop Smoking Then Start Vaping’

Dr Russell Thorpe is offering discount vouchers in his Old Links Surgery in St.Anne’s  for a first electronic cigarette kit from a recently-opened local vaping shop. The initiative was spring-boarded when  Dr Thorpe spotted the new vape shop in St Anne’s while buying his lunch.  This lead to the link with the vape shop which has been further promoted by a poster featuring Dr Thorpe with the strap-line, ‘Let’s Go Vape’ and the advice ‘Doctor Thorpe says – If you cannot stop smoking then start vaping.’

Dr Thorpe (pictured below), who has never smoked or vaped, told the Blackpool Gazette, ‘I called in to find out more about what they sold and their target audience and after I mentioned the surgery, the idea of us having discount vouchers available at the surgery for a first e-cigarette kit grew from there. Smoking kills, and chronic lung problems caused by it take up a considerable amount of NHS beds and time.

If giving up altogether is too tough, vaping is a key way forward. Nicotine itself is actually less harmful to the body than alcohol – but there are so many more ingredients to cigarettes which can cause all sort of medical problems. Any lasting effects from the vaping compared to cigarettes is like comparing a pea shooter to a bazooka and if it helps people give up smoking why not promote it? Other vape shops have been in touch and I’m looking into possible links with them.’

Top photograph of Dr Russell Thorpe from Blackpool Gazette

The Old Links Surgery:

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