St Anne’s Paddling Pool Closed Until Further Notice Due To Vandalism

Fylde Council has shared the sad news that the popular and recent renovated St Anne’s Paddling Pool will be closed until further notice due to damage caused by vandalism.

The Council has said, ‘We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Follow our social media channels for updates and we’ll be sure to let you know once it’s open again.’

The historic paddling pool – once a boating pool – was reopened in May following a £60,000 upgrade which included laying a new non-slip floor and improving accessibility for all.  Since the refurbishment, it has been closed on two previous occasions due to continuing maintenance and cleaning issues. Nevertheless, it has proved to be extremely popular during the Summer heatwave.

Many have expressed their deep disappointment and anger at this damage to the iconic attraction. Tracey Page said, ‘What a wicked thing to do, nasty selfish individuals after all the work that went into that pool. Hope whoever did this gets caught , just heart-breaking.’ Whilst Janie Vee asked, ‘But there are cameras? Isn’t someone watching? I know that I’ve watched the public CCTV one late at night (insomniac lols) and watched to see if a group were doing things… they weren’t on that occasion, but I’d have thought that’s the reason why we have cameras? To catch culprits at that time?’

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  1. Don’t blame people not monitoring the CCTV. If the hooligans would leave things alone, then we’d all be better off. Now the Council will have to redo the excellent work, spending time and money which could have been doing other good work.

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