St. Anne’s Thug Knocked Out Boy’s Teeth In Unprovoked Sweet Shop Attack

A vicious attack on a 14-year- old boy who was simply buying snacks at a shop has led to 18-year-old Niall Tommony of Clifton Drive North, Lytham St Anne’s, facing Judge Simon Medland QC at Preston Crown Court.

The Court heard that Niall Tommony launched the vicious attack on the youngster in NSS News on Wigan Road, Clayton-le-Woods (featured picture) at around 4.00 p.m. on 10th October 2020. The youngster, who suffered the unprovoked attack, and a few friends were planning to go to the cinema and had gone into the shop for some snacks.

Prosecuting, David Clarke said Tommony, who was unknown to the youngster, walked into the shop and asked for his name, and before the boy could reply he was punched very hard in his teeth. At the time he had sweets in his mouth, which he spat out, and he could see blood straight away. Tommony, who is around 6ft tall and wearing a long black overcoat, walked off.

Imposing eight months suspended for 18 months, £1,000 compensation and unpaid work, Judge Simon Medland QC said: ‘Some 11 months ago you thumped a lad. He was only 14 but you were 17 and 7 months. You are tall and he was a young looking 14-year-old, who had not done a thing to you. He was an innocent bystander and you hit him hard enough to knock out two of his teeth. That caused him pain, upset and injury and he’s had to undergo treatment.’


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