Amongst the public venues to close during the coronavirus lockdown were the churches and places of worship across the UK.

Lytham’s St Cuthbert’s Church have announced they will be opening their doors to the public once again on Sunday 5th July.

From next Sunday they will be hosting:
• 8:30am Holy Communion (BCP) in the St Aidan’s Chapel
• 10:00am Holy Communion (CW) in the Nave
• 10:00am Holy Communion live streamed from the Vicarage on Facebook

Although they will be commencing services from next Sunday, Reverend Nick Wells has announced that he will not be present as he is required to continue to isolate himself.

Like many other venues opening in early July, there have been changes made to accommodate social distancing and health and hygiene measures:

  1. The total number of people at either of the services in church will be limited to 30. If you wish to attend, you will need to book in advance by ringing the Parish Co-ordinator on 07470165893 between 9am and 4pm. The bookings will be on a first come first served basis. (Please note that if numbers are exceeded you will be offered a place for the following Sunday, but they will not accept a booking for more than one service at a time); there will be a one-way system in and out of church
  2. You will be asked to fill pews from the front backwards and which pews are available will be made clear to ensure social distancing
  3. Everyone must cover their nose and mouth with a mask or scarf
  4. Hands are cleaned on entry and exit, and no gloves worn;
  5. Congregational singing is not permitted, but the 10am service will include music
  6. Similar to the procedures just prior to lockdown, only bread will be distributed at communion, the priest will receive the wine on behalf of us all;
  7. The church aim to have copies of the service available through their website to print off in advance, though paper copies will be available in church. Prayer books will not be available

The Reverend has announced that as he is isolating during services, he will continue to stream a live service on Facebook for those unable to make it to the church; this will take place every Sunday at 10am.

Unless the government further relax coronavirus measures, this will be a continued pattern for the church throughout July; they have announced that they will assess the situation in August and go from there.

The church have stressed that it is extremely important to follow the rules and keep each other safe during the pandemic. If you are vulnerable, do not attend the services, stay in isolation and continue to view the live Facebook Stream.