Star On Sunday Reports That Elvis Presley Is Definitely Still Alive….. And Living In Blackpool

From Jailhouse Rock To Blackpool Rock!  Yesterday’s Star on Sunday (11.04.21) featured an exclusive report on Page Three courtesy of popular television and reality star, Scarlett Moffatt, who asserts that Elvis definitely is alive and well and inhabiting a ‘rabbit warren’ of tunnels linking Blackpool Tower and the town’s Winter Gardens.

It has long been claimed that there is a maze of underground tunnels constructed in the late 19th Century which link the famous Tower and the extensive Winter Gardens. It is thought that the two attractions, which are less than half a mile from each other, are connected by this maze of tunnels which were built so actors and entertainers could go back and forth between the two venues.

Elvis died in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1977, aged just 42. But Scarlett, 30, told yestreday’s Star on Sunday: ‘I believe that Elvis is still alive and lives under Blackpool Tower. I’ve looked into this in great, great detail, and underneath Blackpool Tower and the Winter Gardens – where there have been lots of sightings of Elvis – there are tunnels underneath. They run directly from the Winter Gardens to the Tower, and apparently that’s how Elvis gets about.’

She continued, ‘Think about it – embrace your inner Elvis – if you love Vegas, what’s the closest place to Vegas that isn’t Vegas? Blackpool! Why wouldn’t Elvis want to live in Blackpool It’s got the charm, it’s got the neon lights! Elvis always said he was a fan of the UK. I reckon Elvis moved to Blackpool and gets around unnoticed in the tunnels.’

Scarlett said she had checked the electoral roll and found there were seven people called Elvis living in Blackpool. She claimed that ‘surely out of those seven the real one is going to be there’.

Bosses at Blackpool Tower have never denied the existence of the tunnels. A spokesman confirmed to the Star on Sunday: ‘It’s a rabbit warren below ground level.’

Commenting on the article, the Star on Sunday’s editorial, called Elvis the ‘Prom King’.


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