A reminder to stay safe, and keep your family close 😉👇from HM COASTGUARD LYTHAM

❗Emergency call outs x5❗(May 30)

We’ve had a busy day today, whilst out on a local area safety patrol we responded to 5 emergency call outs!

Our first call out came through at 14.54 to reports of a missing child on St Anne’s Beach, after a large search of the beach and promenade the child was fortunately located by ourselves and reunited with parents.

Our second call out came through as we were returning to station to reports of a possible swimmer in difficulty in the Lytham area, Lytham St Anne’s RNLI page launched their ILB and Shannon lifeboats. A search was carried out of the estuary, after a large search involving two lifeboats, a Coastguard team and Rescue 936 Coastguard helicopter, it was later determined this was a false alarm with good intent.

Our third and fourth emergency call outs came through mid search of the swimmer, to reports of missing children on St Anne’s Beach, as we were locating the first informant we were approached by a young child who couldn’t find her grandparents, we quickly located grandad and handed over a very grateful young child.
We then reverted our attention to the previous missing child who we found out had been located and reunited.

After all missing children and missing grandads were accounted for we then started making our way back to the search for the swimmer, as we were en route we received the reports that this was a false alarm.

As we were returning to station, we received our fifth emergency call out to reports of another missing child from Blackpool Police around the Pleasure Beach area, fortunately as we arrived on scene we were told from police officers that the child had been located.

We then returned to station and are ready for our next call!

Keep a close eye on your family👀 it only takes a second for them to disappear on a busy beach. Take a photograph as you arrive, just incase they do go missing so we have a accurate description of what we are searching for.📷

It’s important to #BeBeachSafe ⛱️, know what to do in an emergency at the coast! Call 999📞 and ask for the Coastguard!🚨🆘 #999Coastguard #AlwaysOnCall #SearchRescueSave #SearchIsAnEmergency #Teamwork

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