Superstore colleagues at the St Annes Sainsbury’s Superstore on St Andrews Road North are being compared to Superstar Beyoncé as their staff uniforms have a remarkable similarity to Beyoncé’s new Adidias collection.  The latest in the US icon’s fashion line shares an orange and maroon colour scheme that is almost identical to the long established Sainsbury’s outfit.


Beyoncé fans, however, are not pleased with the comparison.  One tweeted: ‘I hate that whenever I see Beyoncé’s new Ivy Park line all I can think about is her working a 12- 5 shift at Sainsbury’s’.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s are celebrating being crowned cheapest supermarket of 2019 by Which? Magazine.  A trolley of 53 branded items cost an average of £107.01 at Sainsbury’s reports the consumer watchdog.  Aldi and Lidl do not feature in the list as they do not regularly stock the branded goods (like Andrex, Weetabix and Dolmio) on the Which shopping list.

The Which? shopping basket results were:

1. Sainsbury’s: £107.01; 

2. Asda: £107.65; 

3. Morrison’s: £109.13; 

4. Tesco: £112.40; 

5. Ocado: £116.40; 

6. Waitrose: £117.81.

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