So here I sit in Lockdown.  I’m one of the very vulnerable ones…mature (who wants to say old), disabled, and having an immune system that apparently decided to go off on holiday a few years ago (probably the Caribbean), and never returned.  I joke because it is better to laugh than to cry.  I sit in my home with my two little Spanish rescue dogs, Lulu, a Corgi and Papillon cross; and Peppi, the barkaholic Llasa Apso. They cannot understand why they haven’t seen their dog walker, so they make the best of it and play Silverstone Formula One in the back garden instead.  So far Lulu has won most of the races.

I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was twenty, but I’ve seen it now.  So, basically I try not to look in mirrors.  When circumstances force the issue, I see all the marauding white slithering down the hair follicles to wipe out the opposition.

I’ve learned how to be even more self-sufficient, which can be quite a challenge, as my mobility is not great; and I cannot lift very much weight, yet I manage to get by.  I have lovely neighbours – for which my gratitude knows no bounds – who very kindly will go out of their way to pick up items that I need, take mail to the post office, and just shout hello and give a friendly wave when I need an emotional boost.

At one time I was a photographer, so my camera has been something I can use to keep busy, become involved in the world around me even though that might be no more than my garden or my four-legged family, and create images that I hope express the emotional response I feel to my subjects.

You need to keep your mind active in the situation we are living, so I’ve spent loads of time on my computer, have discovered Amazon Prime and Netflix, looked up and studied dozens of subjects that interest me, and challenged myself with various puzzles and such.  I have also become one of the many binge-watchers out there…who knew.

I am just one of thousands of people in the same situation, and I applaud each and every one of you for how you are coping.  It isn’t easy, but you are meeting the challenges every day, staying hopeful, creative, and courageous.  Know that there is someone out there cheering you on.  Stay safe.


FC Wilson