“TACCINATIONS” to the Vaccination by Local Taxi Company!

Local taxi company @wildberrytravel are offering fixed fare journeys to the vaccination centres in the Fylde region. However the recently placed adverts on local Facebook groups appear to have obtained a few criticisms from people who think they should offer these journeys for free.

The travel and hotel industry has been hit the longest and hardest by the current covid policies, with many businesses being closed or with minimum work for almost 12 months, and the staff within left with little or no income and or no Government financial support.

For every 1 job in the aviation sector there are 2 in the wider economy.


The effects are far reaching. Particularly for the Fylde coast, where much of the industry relies on tourism.

We spoke to Carole, a family member from Wildberry travel, and find they have been able to retain 6 of their 9 self employed drivers.

Their offer of £20 fixed fare wait and return from Lytham and St Annes to AFC Fylde and the Winter gardens in Blackpool, and the recent and requested addition of Fleetwood vaccination centre for £40 is a fair and reasonable price to pay, if you wanted to use a taxi.

The normal metered price for a return trip would be about £35 to £40 plus waiting time at around £15 per hour.

And to Fleetwood around £60+ plus waiting time. Their cars are in minimum use and are as covid safe as any public transport could be. The drivers offer full assistance to those requiring it.

It’s important to be vaccinated in order to return to normal life.

To answer the negative comments and criticisms:

The price any business charges is their costs plus wage.

They cannot work for free as they have business costs and mortgages and families to support.

It isn’t compulsory to catch a taxi to your vaccination appointment.

They wished to thank everyone for their continued support, to hope you stay healthy, and to have faith that travel and holidays will once again be on the agenda in the future.

To contact them call Sarah on  07708048854  or  01253 921691..

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