Teenager Arrested On Suspicion Of Driving A Blackpool Golf Buggy While Unfit Through Drink/Drugs

A 17-year-old boy landed himself in the bunker after taking a golf buggy from the Village Hotel Golf Course in Blackpool – and driving it along roads until stopped on Mythop Road.

The incident began when Blackpool Police were called at 12.30 p.m. on Thursday afternoon (22nd June) to a report of a theft of a golf buggy from the course.

The buggy, which had two set of clubs in the back, was unattended when the suspect emerged from bushes by the side of the fairway and jumped in.  He then drove off in the buggy but couldn’t escape the eagle-eyed attention of a member of the hotel staff who was flying a drone in the area at the time.

The drone tracked the buggy from above as it was driven away from the course and on to nearby roads. Police eventually stopped the buggy it on Mythop Road.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of theft and driving while unfit through drink/drugs.

He has since been released on bail with a condition not to go within 50 metres of the golf club.

The featured photograph is a representation to illustrate the incident.

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