For several years in St Anne’s on St Andrews Road South, Yuphawadee Massage & Spa has been operating advertising traditional beauty treatments to healing massages. The shop, discreetly above the Bilash Indian Restaurant, has had a wealth of trade and has appeared to be doing very well.  Their website, albeit slightly amateur, also corroborates what the sign says outside proudly stating “that every treatment is an experience that you’ll never want to forget.”

However, UKpunting paints the shop in a much darker light.  UKPunting.com is the sex industry’s TripAdvisor. Here, sex workers don’t get a say in what’s said about them. Instead, commenters – referring to themselves as “punters” – can discuss the etiquette and knack of picking up and using “service providers”, share tips and review the “prossies”.

One poster on the site, known as “vanguard”, reviewed the Yuphawadee Massage & Spa and said the following

“As the door opened I was met by this good looking Thai girl who told me her name was Yaya, I followed her up the stairs looking at her nice legs, she had a short skirt on. Once in the room ( which was curtained off) as previously reported here, I became aware of others in the place, it turns out this is used as a house and part of it was made into a spa area, I could hear a guy talking and another woman speaking in English who was obviously Thai judging by how she pronounced her words. Paid  MY £35 and opted for soft massage, a towel was placed over my bum as I laid face down.  What followed was probably the best massage I have experienced, plenty of variance, from long strokes up and down the legs, to short squeezing strokes, and a few ball grazes in the process.  Yaya is a good looking woman with a good body and ample boobs, could not tell if they were natural or not, but she is chatty and friendly and has this amazing smile. Turnover time and she placed the towel over my middle and applied oil to my chest and lower legs, slowly working upwards until she reached my groin with both hands, she her hands there for about 30 seconds, and I could feel my pulse with the pressure, then he released and this warm sensation ran down my legs. She then asked if I want the chappy massaged for 20 extra, which I duly agreed to.”

Another reviewer called Edwin D put a more mixed review on about the St Andrews Road South massage shop “Disappointingly, nothing came off. Leggings, top, whatever was underneath was there to stay. Touching allowed and her boobs were incredible, through the clothing. Happy ending was good, apart from that she used far too much oil and that renders my chap frustrated”

More positive reviews were on the site as a man called scutty brown added “I was moaning and groaning like a good’un and eventually she told me to roll over…and giggled as I struggled to avoid banging my hardon. Next she went straight to the mark and massaged belly and upper thighs, again each stroke accidentally hitting my c**k…….I nearly shot my load there and then.  Anyway she saw me grinning at her, she grinned back, made a wanking gesture and said “£20 extra”. “Yes please, but can I see your tits?””NO!!!!!””I’ll pay another £20”  “Yes!!!!” And her tits were out faster than a pair of ferrets.”

Unfortunately this venue is causing great concern for St Anne’s residents who are worried about the morality and the type of people that are going to this place if what the UKPunting sites reviews are true.

The full “reviews” can be read here




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