The Brutal Buzzard Returns…….And Not Alone!

The locally feared Brutal Buzzard has made a sensational return to the area putting the fear of God into small pet owning locals   There is deep concern there is now “double trouble” as the Brutal Buzzard has brought along his flesh-hungry colleague who is code named “The Menacing Murderhawk”

Worried St Anne’s Road East resident Sarah Jakeman told Lytham St Anne’s News, “WIth the nice weather we have let my daughters Guinea Pigs Pepper & Bramble play in our extensive front garden while our children watched with joy.  When I came outside with refreshments for the children I saw to my horror the two hawks circling around. I frantically picked up the guinea pigs and ran them into the house for safety.  Had a been one minute longer I am pretty sure the birds would have taken them.’

Over in Fairhaven a terrifying incident was overheard by an anxious dog walker.  ‘I saw two large birds flying in the sky in a circle, and they suddenly flew down to the ground in the distance and all I heard was screaming. The birds then went into the sky and one of them was carrying a small animal.  These birds are working in tandem.’

Have you any sightings of the Brutal Buzzard and his pal, the Menacing Murderhawk? Please email

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  1. This is piss poor journalism and fear mongering. Buzzards doing what buzzards do……..very very few pets ever taken by birds of prey, and easy to prevent.

    Grow up and write about real issues.

  2. One of these birds swooped into our garden and killed a crow .Whilst I know that this is a natural response for these birds I am still grateful for the reporting it is a very useful piece of information and people with pet’s and young children should be aware

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