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Well-known resident Tom Morton who has in the past been featured on mainstream TV has come up with a “Good Idea”

The Good Idea by Tom Morton

Lockdown to some was a window of opportunity. One on my bucket list is to break the World Pi Record. I do not want to have my arse wiped in a nursing home in my eighties after World War Three thinking ‘What If’. I want to recall the longest number in the World from Memory and my name to represent that. My first attempt in 1998 at the De Vere Hotel. I reached 15,223 decimal places in three hours forty minutes. Stopped by a typing error. Not a memory error. The 30,000 should have been mine that day. Then twenty years of taxi and knobheads for that bastard one number. My days as a speaker and intellectual history like the same success of Dominic Cummings as a glass collector in Durham Spoons. But one Spring Covid Night. I had an awesome idea. Like Alex Tew who built the in 2005 selling pixels a pound, I decided to do the same with slices of Pi. Originally intending to open site as ‘One Pound Pi’ but then it sounded like Poundland on Squires Gate. So I stayed up all night thinking of a domain name for my good idea. So over Cornflakes in morning. Eureka. was born and it does exactly what it says on the site. Buy Pi and let the world see your website.  However since everyone has google on their smartphone. There is no interest or market for Memory.  So the imagination that drives this genius has many other uses to explore. And back to the,bucket list; I want to build garden building beach huts. So I need to find ways to raise fifty grand to do that. As factory and tools for precision are not something you find on eBay gumtree or loot. When the world returns to normal I will find a nice hotel conference room. And with some invigilators and professionals in the community I will recite the new Pi Record. And with careful legality I expect the Guinness Book of Records will address its acceptance and publication. A sideline to the Memory Record is that I have written a book in isolation ironically about Memory Techniques with a very quirky way of educating this gift. With you can become a piece of Internet history. If this goes viral. And I see no reason why it will not. It is awesome and no-one has ever sold numbers like this before. About as useful as buying an acre of land on the Moon. But then the hyperlink is there. And I intend to memorise the phone number of every customer as well. So that will be fun on live Television with that hottie Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.