There’s Plenty To Squark About With Nigel C. Gill’s New Blackpool TV Promotion

Blackpool has a brand-new new spokesbird, Nigel C Gull, who landed to highlight not only the resort’s not only great Summer attractions, but also the all-year value-added bonuses for staycations, across TV screens and social media. Popular comedian, Johnny Vegas is the instantly recognisable voice for this animated lovable feathered friend.

In his debut video, Nigel C. Gull, takes viewers under his wing to showcase some breath-taking bird’s-eye views of the UK’s favourite seaside resort.

The £1.3million marketing campaign will run until 24th July and is co-funded by Blackpool Council and Merlin Entertainments, with additional funding from Blackpool Tourism Business Improvement District and other partners

Spot the sights, sounds and attractions in this flight around Blackpool – which you can see as it lands here:

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