Tier 4 restrictions to be widened on Boxing Day, full national lockdown expected in the New Year

As coronavirus rates soar and the new strain of COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the UK, it is a wonder we’re not all in lockdown.

The Government has warned that there is a ‘high chance’ of a full national lockdown in the new year, and that tier 4 restrictions will be widened on Boxing Day this year.

It will be announced today (Wednesday 23rd December) where these restrictions will be following the Ministers’ meeting yesterday.

Yesterday the UK recorded 691 Covid deaths, the second highest daily toll since May, as daily cases reached 36,804, the highest number recorded yet.

The places with the worst figures will be put into Tier 4 on Boxing Day, where all non-essential shops will close, households will not be allowed to mix (except for single person bubbles and childcare), and residents should NOT travel elsewhere – this includes travelling abroad; residents in tier 4 will be disallowed from flying.

A Government source said: “Changes are expected, including in some areas that are currently on the margins and edges of Tier 4 areas. We’re concerned that some areas have had significant increases in case numbers as a result of the mutation.”

Whitehall sources said there was now “a high chance” that the country would be placed into a third lockdown after Christmas. One said: “The expectation now is that we can get through Christmas, but after that the chances of a full lockdown in the New Year look pretty high.”

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