Tonight at 6pm till 9pm the Farina & Co chefs are preparing an Italian Easter dish called “Pasta Al Forna”  which is oven baked fresh pasta.

Unlike the previous weeks were their food has been exclusive only to NHS workers, for this Saturday (11/04/2020) the takeaway dishes will be open to the general public!  All Farina & Co are asking for you to do is make a small donation and to put it anonymously in the blue buckets outside. All proceeds will go the the Blue Skies Foundation which supports the NHS.  If you work for the NHS or are a key-worker the food is free (please show ID).

This is an exciting one-off opportunity for the general public to experience Farina & Co food until the lockdown ends! The Farina & Co team have been preparing the food since 9am!

However, it is imperative that people follow social distancing rules when awaiting collecting the takeaway.keeping the two metre distance!

There is no need to phone to order your meal as there is plenty for everyone!


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