Top Fylde independent school introduces Covid-resistant learning environment to protect pupils and staff.

Although there is an imminent and quite realistic threat that another Covid-19 Global Pandemic lockdown could result in the comprehensive closure of our schools, the current situation we are in means a single Covid case in the classroom could result in the closure of an entire year group, with pupils showing basic cold symptoms being sent home immediately.
With this in mind, one of the Fylde’s top independent schools has taken steps to offer a Covid-resistant learning platform to ensure that pupils avoid missing out on their vital education, even if they are sent home as the result of a basic cold or Covid-related symptoms.
St Annes College Grammar School incorporated Microsoft Teams into its portfolio of learning platforms when the school went into lockdown on 13th March this year, which enabled live online teaching to commence immediately, allowing pupils to join in their daily lessons from home. Assignments and homework were set, submitted and marked on Teams, resulting in a highly effective and engaging remote teaching solution that resulted in minimum disruption to each individual pupil’s learning journey.
Since returning to the classroom in September, the School has decided to continue with the Live Teaching as a contingency measure, should a pupil be either sent home from school poorly, be off school ill, or be asymptomatically isolating due to a member of their household being in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid. In either scenario, it is highly likely that the pupil will be well enough to take part in their lessons.
In this case, the pupil is contacted through Teams by their subject teacher for each of their lessons and they take part remotely. They can see, hear and speak to their teacher along with the rest of their classmates, who are physically in the classroom. Pupils are able to participate on Teams either on their mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop at home.
Vice-Principal Abigail Welsby said “Following on from our initial trial last week, we have had several pupils successfully taking part in their lessons remotely on Teams from home. This is so important to us at SACGS, as it means that we can protect our school community from as many germs and bugs as possible in the current climate, and yet our pupils are not missing out on their crucial education. Equally, if worst case scenario, we do have to return to full lockdown, there will be no disruption to our pupils’ education as the continuity methods will already be in place”.
Teams was used in both the Senior School and Junior School throughout lockdown and the staff worked extremely hard to ensure that pupils remained on-track in terms of their education and well-being.
St Annes College Grammar School is a small independent school for day pupils aged 2 – 18. Pupils are currently in bubbles of maximum 12 pupils.

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